Trash or Treasure? Four Promos that Solve Real World Problems

THE DOUBLE-WALL INSULATED TUMBLER: You have the capacity to reduce your carbon footprint significantly with a double-wall insulated plastic tumbler that replaces the plastic water bottle.  Bottled and sold water is one of the scariest conveniences known to humanity.   Each year, more than 26 BILLION plastic water bottles are thrown away, and only just 15% of them ever get recycled.   The double-wall, insulated plastic tumbler is designed to replace bottled water altogether.  Standard tumblers are BPA Free, are available in both 16 & 22 ounce sizes, are easy to fill with filtered or tap water (or other cold beverages), and they promise to keep your drinks cold.  The tumblers come standard with a washable lid and straw.  New models feature the ability to house a four-color process printed insert to maximize your logo or brand positioning.

THE STAINLESS STEEL TRAVEL TUMBLER: For the same reason that a double-wall insulated tumbler has the propensity to help save our beautiful Mother Earth, so does the Stainless Steel Travel Mug.  While we don’t have more recent figures, we read at that, “In 2002 Starbucks served about 20 million customers a week, earning $3.288 billion. In 2007 Starbucks had earned a net income of $9.411 billion. This is a growth rate of 286.2%. Assuming the 20 million customers are correlated with the net income and its growth rate, and assuming that Starbucks served 57.24 million customers a week, that is about 2.98 billion customers served per year!”  Now, these staggering figures may be a bit outdated and affected by the economy, but we’re guessing all that equates to legions upon legions of  throw-away cups from that one well-known coffee-house alone! Imagine the impact if everyone used a travel tumbler instead of the convenient “to go” paper cup that Starbucks distributes.  Not only would there be less waste by using travel mugs instead of  paper cups, but less trees would have to be chopped down to make those cups in the first place.   Don’t forget the $0.10 you save per cup by toting your own beverage container.  Pop your logo on this puppy and treat yourself to walking, talking, animated, human advertisers carrying their favorite cups of Joe and your brand.

THE USB DRIVE: Did you know that each year, 19 billion catalogs are mailed to American consumers? indicates the impact of that equates to 53 million trees,  3.6 million tons of paper, 38 trillion BTUs (enough to power 1.2 million homes per year),  5.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions (equal to the annual emissions of two million cars),  and 53 billion gallons of water (enough to fill 81,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools).  These Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Defense paper calculator.  Now, enters the USB Drive.  USB Drives have the capacity to ANNIHILATE the need for a print budget altogether.    USB drives are fast becoming a formidable competitor to conventionally printed marketing pieces like unwanted catalogs that get thrown or tossed away.   If a savvy marketer does some long-term, strategic, and out-of-the-box planning; it can be proven that USB Drives offer an affordable alternative to short and long- run printing projects.  Imagine if USB drives were collected and redistributed over and over to the targeted recipient, major corporations could reduce their internal communications printing budgets, save trees and make a significant environmental impact.   Your catalog or data can be uploaded on each drive before you distribute them by your promotional product marketing agency with worry-free hassle.  USB drives have fast become a popular solution in delivering effective corporate communications.



THE RECYCLED GROCERY TOTE: In The Los Angeles Times reported that  Santa Monica, CA, BANNED plastic single-use bag distribution in stores citywide and many other cities across the state began to follow suit.  “The action was initially urged by Heal the Bay and other environmental groups that say widespread use of the cheap bags has created a global “plastic pollution plague.”  The LA Times reports further that, “Under the ordinance, plastic bags will no longer be available at grocery stores, clothing shops or other retailers, although restaurants may use them for takeout food. Smaller plastic “product bags” with no handles, like those used for produce, will be allowed for public health reasons.  Heal the Bay praised the action, saying the vote added momentum to similar proposals throughout California. Already, bans have been approved in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County, Marin County and the city of San Jose. The city of Calabasas will consider its own ban next week.”  Here is an incredible opportunity for corporate marketers to co-op branded grocery totes with national grocery chains who surely will follow suit.  Promotional quality, eco-friendly totes solve the dilemma to the age-old question, Paper or Plastic?

(Tonia Allen Gould is the President/CEO of Tagsource, a Camarillo, CA brand messaging marketing agency that specializes in the effective use of promotional products in the marketing mix.)

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Where a Brand develops, Changes or Unfolds and Consumer Behavior is Modified

Welcome to our blog!  We’re just getting a new one started, because the owner hijacked our old site and called it her own, claiming that she was the only one writing for it anyway.  The truth hurts.  Anyway, we want to prove to her that we’re ready, willing and able to jump into this blog game.

Who are we?  We’re Tagsource (aka Tag!) We’ve been in the promotional products industry a long time, almost nineteen years to be exact.  One of the best things we get to boast is that many of our clients have been with us the whole time we’ve been in business. We think that screams volumes about what we do and how we do it.

At Tagsource, your logo is our pallet.  Our canvas is the ideas we generate that flow naturally to the products we sell, or the events we plan.  When we merge our
creative energy together with impactful products; a brand develops, changes and
unfolds, or takes on a new identity altogether, consumer behavior is modified,
and challenges the status quo. Tagsource; is a consumer promotions and
marketing agency that specializes in the effective use of promotional products
in the marketing mix.  We assist clients who are looking to boost traffic, leads or sales.  At Tagsource we focus on the ideas first, because we know that good ideas can’t be
sold like a commodity.  Creativity is an art form, and we’ve mastered it. The only real question left to ask is how far do you want your brand to go?

We don’t just sell swag.  We design and create it, order it, ship it and manage all the logistics in between.  We hope to hear from you.

Check out our website at or email us at

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